Thursday, January 17, 2013

Impending Veganism

I made a decision. For one month, starting February 1, I am going to eat completely vegan.

It probably won't be that hard, since I am already a vegetarian. But there will be some key things I need to watch out for:

1. Breakfast. I frequently eat eggs in the morning, and I put butter on my toast. Since I like to have a protein-heavy meal to hold me longer, I will probably have to rely on things like tofu scrambles or tempeh bacon to provide that.

2. Coffee. I am going to try Wildwood's soy creamer to see if I like it, since I am a half-and-half user.

3. Cheese. I admit, I am kind of a cheese junkie. This one will be the hardest to figure out, probably. But there are vegan facsimiles out there that will work for things like pizza and other dishes. Plus I have my nooch.

4. Sneaky ingredients. I'll have to learn what to avoid that has hidden dairy or egg products in it.

I think I can do this, though. I'm looking forward to it. This will probably force me to eat more healthfully in general, plus I know I feel better physically when I eat plant-based meals.

It might end up being helpful for me to blog about the transition here, so look out for more posts.

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