Thursday, March 3, 2011

Save Punk Island (Updated)


Yesterday I came across this note on Facebook:

CALLING ALL PUNKS! I need you to do me (and yourself) a huge favor. To ensure Punk Island happens this year, Governors Island needs to know we're interested. Please send them an email or drop them a line asking them when Punk island will be and that you are really looking forward to it.

The Trust for Governors Island at or at 212-440-2200.

And please, keep it simple and clean. Just when and thanks.


Y'all, I do NOT want to lose Punk Island. I just heard of it, and went for the first time, last year. It was awesome. I was only actually familiar with a couple of the bands, and even then only marginally so. But I went, because it was free and the idea was so amazing. I also took my camera, because I knew the photo ops would be awesome. Which they were.

It was 90 degrees out and I stupidly wore a black shirt and jeans. Don't ask. Also, my phone died so I didn't meet up with the NYC Punk people like I wanted to, so I spent the day by myself. Even with this, I still had a blast.

The only act I knew much about beforehand was the Star Fucking Hipsters, and during their set I managed to stand right behind the band. I had a great view without shoving, which helped both my borderline heatstroke as well as my photography. It also meant I had a front row seat when the drummer starting vomiting, but it's all part of the experience.


So it can't die. I want to go again, this time with appropriate attire and a functioning phone. So take a minute and do what the quoted note above asks: email and express interest. It's just too awesome to go away.

UPDATE: I got this reply:
Thank you for your interest in Governors Island. You will need to get in
touch with the producers of Punk Island directly to inquire about the
details for the event this season. Here is their contact information:

Make Music New York
42 W. 24th St, New York NY 10010

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