Friday, July 6, 2012

A Change Will Do You Good

I've done a lot of griping on this blog about unemployment and the ennui it causes. So I'm making some changes. No, I haven't found my dream job. But I've decided to go back to school.

So I'm starting in September, and I'll be pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Studies at Long Island University.

There's still a lot to fall into place in the next two months, so I'm a little terrified. But also excited. I still have to figure out an assistantship, and maybe a temporary summer job so I can have some cash saved -- since there's maybe $180 in my bank account right now.

And I'll need to find an apartment. Since I'll be at the CW Post campus, not Brooklyn, I need to live somewhere accessible to the LIRR. Right now my parents' place isn't great. I could do it, but it would not be very convenient. I'd rather find a place in Queens that's closer to the train. Also, it's beyond time for me to move out.

So that's that. Things are happening, and I hope everything works out.

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